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The main goal of the new Weddings by Master/slave website was to allow the fashion identity to sell online. The previous website only displayed products but didn’t have e-commerce functionalities.

Just as important for Master/slave was to improve and strengthen the brand position. Thus, the new site had to look and feel just as premium as the fashion products that were being sold. Furthermore, the site had to look stunning against its competitors as fashion purchases are often emotional ones that are made in line with a perceived image. Finally, the site had to allow the business owners to grow and continually communicate with existing and potential customers. Thus, social media integration and blogging capabilities were a must as the owners are very pro-active with their communication.


The website was implemented using Kentico CMS and its e-commerce facilities as a base. Then, Create Studios modified the product pages and checkout process based on the client requirements.

For example, the product pages needed to allow customers to enter all their personal measurements, so a custom web part was created to collect this information. This leverages the product options functionality so the client can modify these questions as required.

The checkout process was also modified and combined with scheduled task functions to provide the customer with more information. For example, the customer gets a detailed email on the steps in the wedding dress creation process that is tailored to them depending on the dress they purchased. Then, they get a series of emails over the subsequent weeks detailing the production process of their dress and its progress.

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The website has produced some great results since going live. Traffic figures are up and, more importantly, online enquiries are up over the previous website.

Furthermore, the website has caused an increase in foot traffic to the physical retail store. When they visit the store many customers comment on the site and report the site as a factor in visiting the store.

What Clients Say

Kentico and Create Studios were a good solution for our website project because the end result was easy and intuitive to use. We are thrilled with our new site!

- Roderick Ng, Company Director

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