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Rising energy prices in Australia have been a big political issue of late with many businesses struggling with rapidly rising costs.

The Australian Government has therefore created the Business Energy Advice Program (BEAP). The program aims to educate small businesses on their energy-saving (and therefore money-saving) opportunities. 

The BEAP Website is the primary acquisition channel for businesses to register and join this program. It qualifies leads, processes registrations and provides a host of resources and energy-saving tips.


There were a number of challenges on this project. For example, the project needed to go live on a strict deadline as the government was publicising the program widely. So, timeframes were an initial challenge. Another challenge was ensuring a seamless interaction with the ERP as there was a lot of publicity around the launch and the process has to handle very large volumes of data.

Strategy & Implementation

Kentico EMS was used to complete this project. It was a Kentico 12, Portal implementation of the platform.

The features used included, of course, a number of in-built web parts in combination with a number of custom web parts were developed. In-built features used included smart search, the forms module and a hierarchical viewer structure. We also built an integration with HubSpot.

To provide ultimate flexibility, the majority of the site pages use just 1 Page Template with a hierarchical viewer. The pages are then rendered using a series of content-only page types that essentially make up the sections of the page. So, the client can literally spin up a page with an almost limitless combination of sections to in a matter of minutes. They create landing pages nearly every week for various campaigns using this method.

In terms of EMS features, the site uses lead scoring to qualify leads as well as Campaigns and Conversion Tracking to measure results of various campaigns (PPC, Social, etc…) running all the time.


The website success has been tremendous. In the first months of being live, the site has already qualified over 5,000 Australian Small Businesses. This has meant an estimated $7m AUD saved already by businesses across the country.

In terms of conversions, the site has continually been revised to provide increasingly better lead conversion rates over time by testing variations of the main lead form, providing tailored industry-specific landing pages and publishing white-labelled pages from major Australian Corporations. The conversion rates for lead form completion have improved over time and is consistently over 3 %.

In terms of Brand Awareness, the BEAP program is becoming more and more well-known with the government undertaking large campaigns to drive awareness.

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