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As part of the Australian Government’s ongoing range of programs to stimulate the economy, a program was devised to encourage entrepreneurs to start their own businesses. The Australian Government put the running of this program out to tender and the Entrepreneurship Facilitators Website is one of the key assets created as part of the winning tender.


The main challenge was time-related as there was a strict deadline where the site had to be live in order to the government obligations. From a technical perspective, the site also had to comply with strict accessibility requirements.

Another challenge was that the client wanted to use EMS as their sole CRM/ERP for the program. Thus, we had to be creative in order to use the EMS features to facilitate a team of advisors that were using the Kentico Admin area as their main customer engagement facility. 

Strategy & Implementation

Kentico EMS was used to complete this project. It was a Kentico 12, Portal implementation of the platform.

The features used included, of course, a number of in-built web parts in combination with a number of custom web parts were developed. In-built features used included smart search, the forms module, the Events Module, etc…

Since this project required EMS to act as a CRM of sorts, the EMS features of Personas, Scoring and Contact Management were all used. The site obtains leads through an online form process which scores the leads and categorises them into personas. Custom fields were added to the Contact entity and Customer Service Representatives use the Contact Management area to add notes to the account and further fill out a customer profile during a phone-based interview process.


This is a brand new website so there was no benchmark/historical data to compare against.

However, in a general sense, the program has been a huge success. In the first 6 months of being online, the site attracted hundreds of qualified leads. Many of the leads have resulted in tangible business outcomes for the new entrepreneurs involved.

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