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Machines for hire throughout Australia

Komatsu is a well-know manufacturer of heavy equipment and construction machinery. In Australia, the company primarily focuses on sales but an increasingly large part of their business is rental. In fact, Komatsu Australia is the country’s largest OEM-backed rental operator.


Previously, Komatsu Rental had only a landing page on the main AU Website. They required a much larger presence and online footprint – something where they could carve out their own identity. However, they also wanted to leverage the power and recognition of the larger brand. Hence, the Komatsu Rental Site became its own entity within the larger corporate site.

The main challenge was to ensure the rental brand had its own identity and dedicated area within the main site whilst retaining the familial feel of the parent.

Strategy & Implementation

Kentico EMS was used to complete this project. It was a Kentico 11 Azure App Implementation.

To provide ultimate flexibility, the majority of the site pages use just 1 Page Template with a hierarchical viewer. The pages are then rendered using a series of content-only page types that essentially make up the sections of the page. So, the client can literally spin up a page with an almost limitless combination of sections to in a matter of minutes.

The UI Design retains the general feel of the parent site but is completely unique and separate. A new Master Page becomes the home for the rental area and it contains its own unique navigation and structure.


The outcomes from this project have been some of the most dramatic we have seen. If you look at the traffic on the rental site compared with the previous landing pages that existed before the project, the page view data is up 482%. More importantly, the number of online rental enquiries has quadrupled – with Komatsu receiving dozens of qualified leads each week where they used to only receive 1 or 2.

The outcomes have been so well received that the company is looking to invest in a significant Phase 2 where users will be able to choose their machinery online, check location availability and complete their rental application online. 

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