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Nursing Recruitment Consolidation

Alliance Nursing is a new Australian National Nursing agency brand. Since it was launched in 2021, the new website was and is a critical piece in the marketing plan. The site leverages marketing automation and integrations and has been invaluable in raising branding awareness.

The Journey

The Alliance Nursing project, a part of the Australian Business Recruitment Solutions (ABRS) Group, aimed to mature the digital landscape of ABRS by consolidating multiple brands and promoting a more prominent national business position in the market. The ABRS Group, with the help of Create Studios, focused on creating a one-stop resource website for managing healthcare professionals' shift work in the metro areas of major Australian cities.

The main KPI of increasing hiring drove the website redesign, and the focus was on understanding how the business could acquire job-seeking health professionals. Create Studios developed multiple personas, user journeys, IA, and wireframe prototypes to construct an optimized user experience with a class-leading UI for lead capture.

The implementation addressed the limitations of updating multiple websites and created centralized processes to optimize marketing and technical activities. This project laid the foundation for the ultimate future state of ABRS brands' websites, streamlining the maintenance and content management process and effectively communicating the competitive advantages of the ABRS group in the market.

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