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The main Apprenticeship Support Australia (ASA) Website was designed and implemented by Create Studios and formed a new national brand formed out of cooperation with multiple state-level business chambers.

Since the main ASA Brand was launched, it has been leveraged for numerous related campaigns and marketing initiatives. One such initiative was the creation of an Apprentice On-boarding Kit. This provides a relevant Case Study to consider.


As part of an Australian Government initiative, the project involved tackling the problem of low completion rates amongst Apprentices and Trainees in the workforce. Essentially, the data showed that many Apprentices and Trainees never completed their programs as they felt unsupported by their employers and were not given enough direction or guidance. 

The challenge was to help educate and arm employers with the necessary resources to better attend to their Apprentices and Trainees. The opportunity would be to improve poor dropout rates.

Strategy & Implementation

When Create Studios was engaged for this project, little had been determined about how the solution would be implemented. As such, a relatively comprehensive Discovery Phase was undertaken. This included:

  • Analysis of the Business Issue and related Data
  • Data Analysis of existing Apprenticeship/Traineeship Websites user behaviour
  • Customer Interviews with relevant industry stakeholders
  • Requirement analysis and refinement to ensure government compliance
  • Persona Creation
  • User Stories & Journey Mapping 
  • Information Architecture Strategy
  • Wireframing
  • A series of workshops with key stakeholders to present and refine Solution Design Solutions

Solution & Results

Research showed that employers had access to key resources already even on some of the existing NSW Business Chamber Websites. However, they were “hidden” amongst larger libraries of data.  Further, the key persona was extremely time poor and almost always on their mobile device.  

So, the outcome was to utilise the ASA Brand, which was a bit more “friendly” and accessible than other options, and build a site geared solely towards the presentation of the 4 most key resources.

The site was designed in a “mobile-first” fashion and lets users easily create a dynamic document tailored to them in only a few simple steps.

The site also shares its “Design System” with the existing ASA Website Create Studio built, so many of the design components could be re-used - making the project quicker and more efficient. 

The site has been very well received, with employers already downloading thousands of tailored documents for their businesses.

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