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CarltonOne Engagement is a Canadian Organisation focusing on software and solutions that facilitate employee engagement. They offer cloud-based incentive solutions for businesses looking to reward their employees. They have a number of brands in different regions including the Power2Motivate Brand here in Australia. Create Studios has worked with CarltonOne and Power2Motivate since 2014 across multiple projects and brands. 

One relevant project we have undertaken with CarltonOne group is an ongoing initiative to revamp the current Power2Motivate (P2M) Website. The original site was designed and built by Create Studios many years ago and is in need of a refresh.

Critically, the P2M product services and offerings had changed somewhat since the original site was built so what was being displayed didn’t really embody what the company was all about any longer. 

Because of this, as part of the refresh project, the project stakeholders wanted to take a step back and re-look at their customers, the suite of products and services on offer and analyse existing data to produce a more well-informed UI Design.

Thus, Create Studios was engaged to undertake its Discovery process before the new site is to be built. 


The main goal of the website revamp project was to increase lead conversions from the website. At that same time, P2M was looking to attract the correct type of customers for their improved product offerings.

The organisation also wanted to consider both their Australian and UK sites and how the 2 markets and user behaviour vary.

Further, the products offered by P2M Australia differ somewhat from those offered by P2M UK. 

Strategy & Implementation

As part of the project, a comprehensive “Discovery” Phase has been undertaken. The process has encompassed multiple stakeholders and paid careful attention to any impacts on SEO and ongoing digital campaigns. 

The Discovery Process was undertaken in 2-3 months and included:

  • A deep-dive into the Google Analytics Data from the current site.
  • An analysis of what is working and what is not
  • A review of key competitors and how the landscape has changed since the original site was launched
  • A series of workshops with key business stakeholders in charge of different products and services to understand their wants and needs
  • Creation of a series of User Personas - differing for the AU and UK Markets
  • User Stories & Journey Mapping
  • A completely new Information Architecture strategy that will see the 2 main business components more clearly divided
  • Hi-fidelity Wireframing of key page
  • A series of workshops with key stakeholders to present and refine Solution Design Solutions

After the Discovery Phase was completed, the project implementation phase began with UI Visual Designs having been approved and build commenced. 

Solution & Results

The main results that have been achieved thus far relate to an evolution in the way P2M segments their customers. During the Discovery Process, the Persona Creation activity and associated workshops resulted in a clear distinction between those that are looking to P2M for Incentive Marketing as opposed to Employee Engagement.

It was found there was little overlap between the 2 areas. Further, data analysis of the current site user behaviour identified confusion between the various products on offer in those 2 areas.

As such, the new Information Architecture Strategy and actual UI Design all look to simplify the 2 areas of the business and channel site visitors more directly and efficiently into 1 of the 2 channels. 

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