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UX/UI Design

A design that works starts by formulating a strategic User Experience then complementing it with an innovative and timeless User Interface. 

Content Review & Strategy Workshop(s)

Once the Journey Maps are in place, Create Studios facilitates a series of content review & strategy workshops to help formulate an Information Architecture strategy.

Information Architecture

Create Studios constructs a site’s Information Architecture based on the outputs of UX Research and User Journey Analysis. We also take into account SEO factors which can be typically overlooked during this process.


Through the years Create Studios has experimented with various types of wireframing processes from simple “Balsamiq” style sketches to high-fidelity prototypes which effectively incorporate some front-end development.

Visual Design

Our visual designs are always user-oriented and business-centric. We have vast experience and expertise designing web and mobile applications, web portals, user interfaces for enterprise online solutions and corporate styles and identities. Our initiation of the UI Design generally starts with “mobile-first design”.

High Fidelity HTML Prototypes

To ensure the design concept works as intended, Create Studios build high-fidelity prototypes to test design interactivity and behaviour before creating the finalised front-end code during project implementation. With today’s highly interactive and personalised designs, prototyping is key to ensure stakeholders can comprehend the concept in its totality.

Component Libraries & Design Systems

Whether it’s with Design or Implementation, Create Studios methodology incorporates the concept of modularisation. From a UI Design perspective, Create Studios builds and maintains what it terms a “Design System” which can be considered an extension of a Brand Guideline.

Design Principles

UX Design covers a vast array of areas and inherently incorporates Usability and User Interface Design itself. From a Create Studios perspective, the critical aspect of UX Design is ensuring a deep understanding of the end user. 

Combining the client’s own knowledge of their user base with real-world data and Create Studios experience with digital behaviour provides the groundwork for ensuring project success.

Ultimately, the UI Design of a website conveys a myriad of messages to your users. Are you cheap or expensive? Large or small? Strong or weak? Friendly or cold?

Our design team works to ensure your actual brand message matches your intention. Further, modern UI Design is not static but involves movement, interactivity and personalisation. We work closely and creatively with our front-end development specialists to devise interactive and engaging presentations of content and data.

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