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Research & Strategy

Our process starts with a comprehensive Discovery Phase which results in solid project underpinnings.

Data Analysis

Create Studios can gather data from a myriad of locations such as Google Analytics, Moz, Google Search Console and Heatmap Software such as Hotjar to name but a few. Understanding how users interact with an existing site can uncover a wealth of insightful information.

Current State/Audit Review

Create Studios can produce a comprehensive audit based on analysis of an existing site. In general, Create Studios can focus on any or all of the following aspects of a site - UI Visual Design, User Experience, SEO, Conversion Optimisation.

User Feedback (User Testing)

Create Studios has facilitated User Testing during many different projects. We have experience with various services that allow for everything from online data collection from a large pool of users to one-on-one interview processes. 

Competitive & Industry Analysis

Create Studios will undertake an extensive review of your competitors and industry. We will look at identifying benchmark sites to measure against.

User Personas

Personas take into account demographic data, user goals, needs, motivations and pain points.  Create Studios works collaboratively with clients to identify key personas for analysis.  

User Stories

User Stories integrate the Persona with a likely real world sequence of events. This helps stakeholders begin to translate the theoretical into practical, easy to understand and relatable situations.

Project Foundations

Developing any strategy starts with extensive research in order to really get a complete understanding of the industry and business itself. A deep analysis of the competitive landscape is imperative to the success of your project, both from a strategy and design perspective.

Our research, strategy and planning services provide a valuable positive return on investment by paving the way for a smooth project implementation. They bring stakeholders together with objective, fact-based analysis, underpin your initiative with tangible and measurable strategies and generally provide a blueprint for implementation.

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