Create Studios

Front-end Development

We focus on building high-performance architectures that exceed web standards. We utilise modern frameworks such as React and Vue.

Interactivity & Behaviour

An engaging web experience requires a 2-way flow of action and reaction. Create Studios utilises subtle and effective front-end interactivity techniques to provide a User Experience that captivates and retains attention.

Lightning Fast

Many websites suffer from front-end "bloat".  Create Studios are experts in implementing light and efficient front-end code to ensure your site doesn't get weighted down with excessive scripts and unused code.

Working Prototypes

Believe it or not, some agencies still provide only static UI Designs for approval.  Create Studios understands that you cannot approve a design without working front-end prototypes.  This allows you to experience a design in its entirety - with all the interactivity and behaviour contained within it and on any browser on any device.


It's the architectural design that everyone wants, decoupling your front-end and back-end web application code. Much more than just the latest trend, Create Studios has you covered.


Reduced effort design and automatic SEO optimisation make Gatsby a great choice for headless CMS implementation.  Create Studios can pair various headless CMS platforms with a Gatsby front-end implementation for a super-fast, scalable, easy to manage solution.

React, Vue, Angular

Increasingly our clients are dictating what front-end frameworks they require us to use, particularly with regards to React.   Create Studios has you covered with experience across all 3 of these ubiquitous frameworks.

Front-end Process

With website implementation projects, Create Studios has refined a front-end project process that provides clients with great access and insight into the development process and reduces project timelines by providing clients the ability to comment on assets as they are developed.

Once the UI Design has been completed and approved, the Create Studios front-end process involves creation of a series of what we term "working prototypes".  In actual fact, these assets are more than just prototypes and are in fact the actual front end markup-up inclusive of HTML, CSS and scripting.  Thus, they are the front-end code of a website in its entirety - simply minus the back-end platform attached, whether that be a traditional CMS or DXP platform or a headless implementation.

As the client gets to review and approve these "working prototypes" at this earlier stage of the project process - it achieves 2 key objectives:

  • It allows clients to understand and review key interactivity and behaviour components of a design - from simple hover states and micro-interactions to more complex animations.
  • It enables the team to make small updates and tweaks to the design very quickly and before it's been integrated with any back-end infrastructure - thus tending to reduce overall project timeframes.

Beyond this project concept, Create Studios can also align to an organisation's preferred front-end tech stack with an extensive and deep knowledge of the popular current frameworks such as Reach, Vue and Angular.  On the other hand, if you don't know or care about front-end frameworks, we can work with you to explain these concepts in simple language and guide you to a solution that makes sense for your situation.

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