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Feature Development

Our team works with the latest technologies and development principals such as JAMstack, microservices and headless CMS platforms.


Create Studios has a strong track record of implementing websites that are tightly integrated with your existing systems architecture.  We have integrated websites with countless different systems - from simple CRM integrations to complex ERP interaction to completely bespoke solutions. 

Legacy & Existing Platforms

Unlike many agencies, Create Studios is happy to take on updates and feature enhancements to websites that we didn't build.  So, if your current website is constructed in a "less than optimal" fashion but you still require updates, definitely contact us.

Small Projects

Sometimes you need to make some changes to your website that are not too complex, but also require some explanation and exploration.  Create Studios "Small Project" classification fits the bill.  CS Small Projects benefit from our proven end to end project process but in an expedited and simplified form.

Feature Development Description

Users expect a lot from a website and the days of thinking a "brochure site" will suffice have long since passed.  Your site needs to enable your customers and clients to undertake their daily administration interactions with your company easily and intuitively.

The Create Studios team are experts in adding new features your site that will enable your users to undertake the tasks they expect and more.  We have resources that are well-versed in multiple platforms and the latest front-end and back-end development technologies. 

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