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When you work with Create Studios, you can have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that even after a project is complete, we have your back. Our team offers a warranty for up to 90 days after the project deployment, allowing you to address any potential post-development issues. This way, you can feel confident that your project is in good hands and that we are committed to your satisfaction long after the work is done.

How it Works

At Create Studios, we understand that the first few days after deployment require extra care and attention to ensure that any issues that may arise with "real world" users and volumes are addressed promptly. Our team is dedicated to fixing any post-deployment issues, such as bugs, and we offer a warranty period to cover this work. However, please note that this warranty does not extend to feature requests. Suppose you have any new feature needs or additional requirements. In that case, we offer value-added services such as CS Support Retainer, Small Projects, and Ad-hoc Requests to cover ongoing enhancements and feature requests. Contact us to learn more about these options.

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