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Small Projects

If you have a new feature or function that you'd like to add to your website, Create Studios can help. Our team will carefully assess the effort required and provide you with a fixed-price quote for small project work. With our expertise and dedication to delivering top-quality results, you can trust us to handle your website enhancement needs.

What is a small project?

Small projects differ from simple website or system feature enhancements as they are more complex and require more in-depth analysis. For tasks of this nature, Create Studios will provide a proposal outlining the work required and a fixed-price quotation. Small projects are well-suited for projects that are larger in scope but not as extensive or involved as a major project, such as a website redesign.

Many small projects can be undertaken, such as creating marketing landing pages, adding new sections to a website like job listings or a blog, and integrating functionalities with third-party apps. These are just a few examples of small projects that can be tackled efficiently and effectively.

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